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Empowering you with your health data

Lalu is a next gen medical health app that makes personal health data easily accessible.

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Your Data in
Your Hands

Keeping you in control of your medical data. Lalu enables you to easily access your health record wherever you may be, whenever you need it.

Overcome Today’s Biggest Challenges

Travel with Confidence

At home or abroad, feel secure knowing you have your health record on you.

No More Waiting

Your health record is instantaneously accessible 24/7.

Keep Data Secure

With Lalu, all your data is clinically coded and encrypted – and is never shared without explicit permission.

See Everything in One Place

Forget confusing multiple sources to access your vital medical information. With Lalu, you can hold and access it within seconds.

Freedom in Your Pocket

Lalu is everyone’s passport to a greater sense of freedom. It’s as essential in the new normal as your keys, phone and wallet.

Lalu: Key Features

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Vaccination Status

Need to show your vaccination status? Lalu pulls it directly from your GP Surgery, thanks to our NHS-accredited partner, eMR.

Rapid Testing

Order lateral flow tests and record the results, all within the app. Then, access your verifiable testing status whenever you need.

Sharing via QR Code

Scanning and sharing your status is easy and secure. Just show your uniquely generated QR code whenever you need it.

Advance Status Sharing

Receive Lalu users’ Covid-19 Health Status in advance – and keep your corporate, leisure or aviation business running smoothly.

Compliance with Government Guidelines

Make sure your employees, customers and clients stay safe in line with ever- changing public health guidelines.

Built-in Peace of Mind

Our user and partner information is securely encrypted within AWS data centers in the UK.

Lalu for Who?

Lalu for You

Make proving your Covid-19 Health Status easy. Read on to find out how.

Lalu for Business

Make managing access to your business easy, simple and safe – join the Lalu Partner Program. Find out more below.

FAQs about Lalu

Verifiable – Combine your ID authentication information with vaccination details in a single passport, which is available via a single QR code, for any venues with standard QR readers.

Control – As the owner of your data, you are in complete control and will determine who you share this with. Under no circumstances will your data be shared by, or its parent company.

Reliability – Lalu uses eMR – technology accredited by the NHS – to provide real-time, glitch-free data. Our app can be relied on to show your NHS-verified COVID-19 vaccination passport whenever and wherever you need it.

Security – It matters. Lalu holds your data securely in the UK. We will never sell your data to any third party
As well as your initial NHS-verified COVID-19 vaccination passport, the price includes unlimited updates to your COVID-19 vaccination status – so any COVID boosters and vaccinations you have in the future will appear in the Lalu app.
We get your data directly from your GP surgery. GP surgeries across the UK use a piece of software called eMR, which allows them to supply GDPR-compliant digitised patient information quickly and easily. The software was created by Medi2Data, an NHS Digital accredited supplier.

Medi2Data are also the creators of Lalu – which means the Lalu app connects seamlessly to your medical data at your local GP surgery, using the same eMR technology to pull it straight into your app.
Medi2data will contact your GP surgery and help them through the activation process – this typically takes less than 10 minutes. On the rare occasions we are unable to activate eMR at a GP surgery within 72 hours, you can request a refund. For further details on this, please see the Terms & Conditions available here.
Occasionally there might be a slight delay in accessing your data even if your surgery has eMR activated. There are a couple of reasons this could happen. You might have provided personal details within the Lalu+ app that do not match the data held by your GP surgery. Or more than one patient may be found with matching patient details. If this happens, the GP surgery will need to determine which patient the data refers to. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure any problems are fixed as quickly as possible.
Our data requests are submitted digitally under a Subject to Access Request. GP surgeries have a legal duty to respond to the request, and it too needs to be done digitally, as per the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines.
Some events and venues may require you to confirm your vaccination status. This is currently voluntary for individual organisations, but is being encouraged – particularly where large groups of people will be in close proximity to other households. Your NHS-verified COVID-19 vaccination passport is built using standard QR technology, so any venue which uses standard QR readers will be given one-time access to a secure, image-identity passport of you and your vaccination data.
No! We don’t have an expiration date for the Lalu app, so you can move forward with confidence.
Simply email us at – we will acknowledge receipt immediately and aim to respond to your query the same working day.
  • Our legal name is Medidata Exchange Limited and we trade using the name Medi2data
  • We are GP IT Futures NHS Digital accredited, meaning Medi2data is an approved supplier to the NHS Primary Care sector and we are fully GDPR-compliant
  • We have been providing GP surgeries across the UK with software and medical reporting services since 2018, all free of charge
  • We supported many GP surgeries during the Covid-19 pandemic, by assisting in the processing of urgent medical reports requested by insurance companies and government departments to ensure their patients receive faster claims payments
  • Our smart technology is trusted by GPs nationwide, as it helps them significantly reduce time and costs in processing patient medical reports, freeing up time for patient care
  • We are passionate about the NHS and in particular GP surgeries through supporting the doctors, clinicians and support staff manage difficult and time consuming tasks to ensure their patients receive the best service possible.
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